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Dr. Josh de Graffenried

Dr. Josh de Graffenried is a native to East Texas and has always had a love for restoration, healthcare, and community.

After graduating with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, he joined his father Dr. Joey de Graffenried in their thriving practice in Kilgore, TX and has enjoying spending eight years there learning and leading with a remarkable team.

Dr. Josh completed the 10-month Maxi-Course in Implant Dentistry at the Atlanta Center for Restorative Dentistry in 2013. He has been a member of Advanced Dental Implant Studies in Atlanta, Georgia, since 2014, and he attends meetings there four times a year learning from some of the most renown dentists in the country. He is also an associate fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, having completed 300 hours of implant training as well as passing an in depth written and oral examination. He really loves being able to transform people's mouths and help them acheive their dreams with their smile when it previously seemed impossible to them. 

He loves family life with his wife and three kiddos! He loves being connected at Bethel Bible Church Downtown, and can often be found at a guys night or morning bible study. He loves working out, running, and reading, traveling, dreaming up big dreams, and finding great coffee shops. He would love to go back to Isreal some day, is fascinated by history, has run a half marathon, and is really great at gently helping people overcome their fears. 


Dental Hygienist 

April was born and raised in Arkansas, and then lived in Lousivilke Kentucky for 10 years. She is married to her husband, Jon, has a darling daughter Clara Mary Katheryn and a fur baby, Ollie, who is a goldendoodle. She loves ethnic foods, and likes to find new ways to eat salads! What she loves about being a hygienist is getting to know people while also taking care of them. Loving helping people conquer their dental fears, she seeks to help her patients take steps towards being proud of themselves. In her free time you can find her cooking and making family recipes! She loves game nights with friends, spending time with family and going on long works with Ollie. The way April connects so quickly and easily with her patients, makes us so very grateful to have on our team. 


Dental Hygienist

Altina has been married for over 35 years, with two grown children and two amazing grandchildren. Growing up as a miltary brat, her dad was an air force pilot, and they moved every two years to a different state. She lived in Europe for three years, and moved to Tyler in 1994 with her husband and small children. Being a people person, she loves to connect with her patients and educate people about their health. She strives every day to help people acheive their healthiest mouth! Something you might not know about her: shes a thrill seeker and enjoys challenges. In her free time you can find her cycling, kayaking, or doing something adventurous and outdoors. She loves seafood, and next time you see her, ask about her half ironman she completed! Altina brings a drivenness and excellence to her every day work that is such a gift to our team, and she's one of the hardest workers we know. So many patients are blessed to have her taking care of their oral health! 


Treatment Coordinator 

Sarah has been together with her husband since highschool and has a dog name Diesel. She and her husband run a trucking company and have a little farm with chickens! Graudating from Washington state, she got her dental assisting liscense and has worked in various roles in the dental field. She loves spending time with family and friends, and is always down for some good mexican food. Sarah is so good at helping patients overcome financial barriers and find ways to make the treatment they need a reality. She has the kindest heart, so many good creative ideas, and loves seeing patients leave with a wonderful experience. We are so blessed to call her our team mate! 


New Patient Coordinator 

Christian is one of the first faces you see when you come into the office! She is from Chicago and is attending TJC for hygiene school. She loves spending time with her daughter, and trying new outdoor aventures like hiking and kayaking! Some of her favorite foods are pasta and sushim, and she has over 5 years of insurance experience. She loves being able to help people with their health needs and proced excelent service as soonas they walk in. Creating long term relationships with her patients is something that makes coming to work exciting for her each day! Christian brings so much profesionalism, productivity, and excellence to her every day tasks - we are so happy she's part of our team. 


Dental Assistant 

Iris is from Tyler Tx, and graduated from Tyler Junior College as well as East Texas Dental Academy. She's been in the dental field for over 10 years! She loves to hang out with her friends and family, loves to shop, and is always down for a vacation to the beath. She is married with two kids, one sweet kittle girl and one adorable little boy. Iris loves helping patients achieve healthy smiles and she is looking to acquire new dental knowledge as she continues in her career. She will soon become a favorite face of yours, with her genuine care for each person. She is an incredibly hard worker and we are so lucky to have her on our team!


Dental Assistant 

Tylee has one cat and it is her child. She grew up in the country but bounced between Texas and the Louisiana swamps. She loves reading, building/maintaing computers, gaming, listening to music, art, and cooking. One thing you might not know about her is that she is an avid traveler, has spent time abroud, and loves different parts of the world. She had three heart surgeries from ages 3-7 and knows a lot of random knowlege about different subjects - she is a walking encyclopedia! When she was younger she always hated her teeth, so when she sees people who have the same insecurities and overcome them towards being happy with their smile - it makes her happy. Her favorite food is Korean BBQ, and you will love getting to interact with her at your upcoming appointments. She is a lot of fun, doesn't take herself too seriously, and is a really adaptable team player. We are so lucky to work with her every day! 


Marketing Coordinator 

Sarah is from Longview, TX and met Dr. Josh, her husband, in 2012. After settling down from years teaching and performing piano in the music industry, she enjoys creating content and experiences for our patients and our team. She loves to decorate, cook, garden, spend time playing in the backyard with her three  kiddos. One of her favorite things is being a people gathered and hosting dinners, book clubs, playdates or all the above in her home. She loves marketing because it is getting to imagine patients' needs ahead of time and create content to bring them into our office so they can experience excellent care. She loves working out, sunshine, baking, and reading a good story! 


Executive Assistant 

Mayra is from Tyler, TX and graduated from Stephen F. Austin University and Tyler Junior College with a teaching degree. She loves to read, hang out with her family, and she likes spending time outdoors. She's married to her husband Caleb and has an adorable little girl named Caroline and son named Luke. Something you might not know about her: she loves all things Marvel and used to be a teacher! She loves good Italian food, and also enjoys planning scrapbooks, baking, and game nights with friends. Being an expert organizer, she spends her days keeping Dr. Josh's life flowing smoothly so he can focus on patient care! She is incredible at making sure details are not overlooked, and keeping so many plates spinning when it comes to the team and office systems. We are daily grateful for her keeping us all flowing smoothly! 

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